Investment Management

Our investment philosophy is based on the work of Nobel Prize winning economists and backed by decades of empirical research into what drives market returns over time.

The following beliefs anchor our investment strategy:

  • We are a fiduciary 100% of the time. Clients’ interest come first. We avoid conflicts of interest.

  • We utilize a low cost approach to investing. Controlling costs and expenses allows clients to keep more of what they earn. We do not believe that you should be paying 1% (or more) just to have someone manage your investments.

  • We use portfolios that are elegantly simple. We believe it is possible to invest intelligently without over-complexity.

  • We believe global diversification can improve performance and control risk.

  • We believe in a disciplined approach that keeps our emotions in check. Emotions are the enemy of good decisions.

  • We believe an investment strategy can be designed and maintained in a way that can outperform the market without having to outguess it.

We prefer to invest our clients into low-cost funds including those offered by Dimensional Fund Advisors. Dimensional funds are only accessible to institutional investors and a select number of approved fee-only advisory firms, including WisePath Advisors.


Your Portfolio - Personalized

Take this quick assessment to learn how your reactions tack up to others when the market moves. At WisePath Advisors, we’ll work with you to understand your competencies when it comes to investment decision-making, and create a strategy that takes both financial goals and your unique investor profile into account.

Financial Planning

At WisePath Advisors, we believe a great investment plan isn’t possible without a great financial plan. Our financial plan consists of a checklist of over 60 items designed to:

  • Maximize Wealth Builders

  • Minimize Wealth Drainers

  • Incentivize Habits That Drive Wealth

Our process starts with an Orientation to the WisePath Way. Then we start to build a strong foundation for the future.

Foundation (1st Year)

We typically meet with clients 6-8 times during our first year working together. Here is what you can expect:


Step 1: Align Vision & Values

  • We utilize a Vision Board to map out your future.

  • We also use the Vision Board to tie your future vision back to your core values.

  • This exercise helps us to refine your Momentum Markers that we will use in creating your personalized financial plan.


  • We create a plan for all the things you dream about and all the things you pray will never happen.

  • The plan is not a dusty document that sits on a shelf and is out of date once it is printed. The plan we create together is more of a flexible framework that we can adjust in real time.

  • Of course, we utilize standard tools like Spending Plans that are common to financial planners.


Based on our work during your Orientation to the WisePath Way, we will begin work in one of three areas:

  • Financial Perspectives - a coaching tool to help you uncover your money stories. This is especially helpful for couples to identify areas where they agree or where conflict may arise.

  • Building Wealth - a coaching tool to help you determine habits that need reinforcing or replacing when it comes to financial management.

  • Investor Profile - a coaching tool to help you learn more about your investor-related experiences, behaviors, and outlook.

Implementation (Every Year)

We typically meet with our clients three times a year after the first year. Most advisors only meet with their clients once a year. We think that is stupid (by stupid, we mean not in a client’s best interest).


Meeting 1: Maximize Wealth Builders

  • We review your progress to see if you are on track by analyzing:

    • Employee Benefits

    • Investment Performance

    • Projected Retirement Income

    • Social Security

    • Savings Targets

    • Charitable Giving

    • Legacy Planning

Meeting 2: Minimize Wealth Drainers

  • We look for items in your entire financial strategy that we have learned drain your ability to produce and maintain wealth over time:

    • Investment related fees, commissions, and service charges

    • Financial risk due to premature death, disability, or long-term care event

    • High insurance premiums for life, disability, health, property, and automobile insurance

    • All debt, but especially consumer debt (credit cards, automobiles, etc)

    • Tax strategy that is reactive instead of a tax strategy designed to minimize taxes over your lifetime and in your estate

    • Investment risk that is inappropriate given your goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon

Meeting 3: Incentivize Habits That Drive Wealth

We help you implement a comprehensive financial strategy that includes:

  • Developing a banking structure that helps you seamlessly integrate good habits into your daily life

  • Ongoing financial coaching to help you build and maintain wealth

  • Saving for your children’s college expenses in order to enable them to build wealth earlier in life

  • Utilize relationships with your CPA and lawyer to insure we are all working towards the same goal