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What We Do

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WisePath Advisors is a fee-only financial planner in Burlington, NC serving Alamance County, the Piedmont Triad region, and clients throughout North Carolina. WisePath Advisors specializes in financial planning, retirement planning, and investment management.

With many advisors the conversation begins and ends with your money. But we believe that money is a tool for life. And you aren't really that interested in many of the things that advisors talk about. What is important to you are your vision, your values, and your future. That's where we come in.

We help you align your Vision and Values with the Habits needed to build wealth.

WisePath Advisors provides more than just the mechanics of financial planning. As part of our financial planning partnership, we’ll work with you to understand your complete patterns of wealth behaviors and create a personalized plan that will help you improve how you build and maintain wealth over time. 

The WisePath Difference

Not all financial advisors are created equal.

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As an independent Registered Investment Adviser, we are legally required to only work in your best interest.

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No commissions, sales charges, referral fees or kickbacks. The only compensation we receive comes from our clients directly. Period.


financial science

We partner with leading financal research and technology firms to guide our investment and planning decisions.


We donate a percentage of your fees to charitable organizations

We are currently supporting Sustainable Alamance


Sustainable Alamance

Sustainable Alamance uses BOLD and Innovative thinking and community development approaches to connect those members of the community facing employment discrimination and resulting in generational poverty to local economic resources by:

  • Identifying and nurturing members of the community with a strong desire for self-sufficiency

  • Providing mentoring relationships necessary to identify and develop strong work skills, interpersonal skills, and educational opportunities

  • Identifying and developing entrepreneurial capacity within the targeted community

  • Developing mutually beneficial relationships with local employers that will provide employment opportunities

  • Rebuilding and strengthening  family relationships, socially and economically

  • Providing opportunities that serve as alternatives to incarceration, minimizing the impact on families, communities and society

  • Advocating for anti-discrimination policies that limit abilities for citizens to become economically sustainable

Learn more about Sustainable Alamance